Drum Fest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I heard that Drum Fest is a blast. Is that true?

A YES! Drum Fest is an amazing event that brings together all ages and skill levels and provides a unique experience where percussionists can share and learn all things drumming! Drum Fest is a fun and friendly competitive event for all.

Q Can I bring in my own drum or pedal or other drum gear to use for an event that I am in?

A No. You can bring your own sticks of course, but we do not allow outside gear of any sort to be brought in for two reasons. One, with so many drummers competing, it would slow down the progress of events taking place. And two, we want the competition to remain as fair as possible. Everyone plays on the same gear for all events. With a few exceptions being as follows. 1. Players competing in Copy Cat will play on two opposing drum kits that are matched as best as possible. 2. Players that are left handed, will be allowed to play on the left handed kits. 3. Last, if you have a disability that requires you to use special equipment to compete, we will review the equipment prior to competition for its acceptance of use.

Q Do I have to pay to compete in Drum Fest?

A Yes. As of May 2015 we charge a small processing fee to help offset the costs of handling user registrations. We also have other paid registrations for those who want to get a shirt or other items prior to the event. Remember, we are a non-profit group ran by volunteers and donations. Your small registration fee will help keep Drum Fest alive!

Q When and where is Drum Fest?

A Drum Fest is currently in it's planning stages for 2016. Please check back for more info.

Q What do I win for competing in Drum Fest?

A We try to give away as many prizes as possible and as fund raising can meet. In the past we have given away snare drums, kick pedals, cymbals, sticks, bags, cajons, auxillary percussion items, and much more. Every year we try to improve upon the last with different and hopefully what we think are better and higher value prizes.

Q Do I have to be present to win my prize(s)?

A Yes. Mainly because we do not have the man power to track you down and give you your prize(s) nor the money to ship it to you. Plus, its nice having you be part of the awards ceremony at the end of the day! Should you not be able to stay for the awards, we will unfortunately have to award your prize(s) to the next drummer in line.

Q If Im a minor, can I be there without the supervision of my parents or a guardian?

A Yes and no. We recommend that you have a parent or guardian with you, but wont kick you out if you dont. Besides, it would be way cooler for you to have your family here rooting you on anyway!

Q How am I judged on the events I compete in?

A You will be judged by a panel of three judges. One drummer and the other two are musicians or music lovers in their own right. You will be judged on your technique, originality, style, accuracy, and overall ability. With the exception of any speed or timed events, which are based on objective scoring.

Q What is the main event this year?

A Copy Cat. With an overwhelming success of this event in prior years and sheer energy of it, we have made Copy Cat the main event this year and for the forseeable future.

Q Is there a place I can go to get a list of events?

A Yes. Go to our events page here.

Q How many events can I compete in?

A You may compete in as many events as you like. Competing in 5 or more will automatically enter you into the Grand Prize eligibility.